Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gettin' Some Action...

Canon 5D Mark II
24-105mm Lens

Photoshop actions, that is. I downloaded some new actions and had some fun! These photos are from a shoot I did when I first got my 5D Mark II. This was quite a while ago and I'm bummed I hadn't edited these before now. A lot of these are outside my comfort zone as far as style, but it's been really fun to mess around with the curves and colors and all the different actions. Some of the actions I used were: cross processing, vintage, oversaturation, texturizers...and a lot more. I had so much fun!

After the "official" photoshoot, a couple of us went to Sonoma Square to be silly...hope these make you giggle...

This is The Ballpark Band's official band photo! (don't they look like a band?? Love it.)

This is The Ballpark Band after a long set, takin' a break.


  1. Omg, the costume photos are TOO funny!!! Just some corn, beer, and a hot dog sittin' in the park. . . do-to-do.

  2. Aren't they great! They make me laugh so much. I swear they look like a band!