Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I love love love when friends and coworkers are good sports about being models. I've even been a model for this little show on the Food Network called Unwrapped...yes, that was me who said "Tastes just like Merlot!" on the episode where they talk about how alcohol-removed wine is made. I don't want to talk about it anymore. (Really? "tastes just like merlot"??? Wow. My days on TV are definitely numbered.) I'm also in the new Burger Parties cookbook looking as happy as a clam on a bright summer day. Fun stuff!

When I did the shoot for the Three Thieves online store, my coworkers were troopers. They allowed me to move, brush, twist, turn, shake, prop and style them like they were mannequins. I appreciate it greatly!

My friends are also good sports and have let me shoot them numerous times just for fun. I like that they will let me dictate how they should sit for the best shot, and I think they like that they get fun shots for free! I plan to do a lot more of these shoots soon (so if there are any friends reading out :)).

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